Noir French Cane Cabinet - black

Contrasting black dyed wooden frame and light rattan weave make the Noir French Cane Cabinet a soft statement piece you’ll love forever. With its hand-woven front panels on each door, sustainable mango wood frame and bold monochrome hues, this stylish piece will help you clear the clutter, and display your decor with ease. Use as storage for clothes and accessories, displays in your living space, or as a focal point in the office to celebrate modern bohemian design. This product is made from rattan, a naturally sustainable material due to its fast growth, short renewal, dependence on existing rainforests, and ability to grow in areas that would otherwise be natural wastelands. This rattan is then hand-harvested and hand-woven into the item you see here. Cabinet Rattan panels on front and sides Black dyed wood frame 3 shelves Gold toned metal hardware Height: 115cm Width: 88cm Depth: 42cm Please note: The rattan pieces in our collection are hand woven from varying widths of grass and cane, and finished by eye. Each item features an organic movement, and displays the unique touch of those that created them. Style code - 8xko2 AVAILABLE FOR UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ONLY

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