Maxi Cosi Monitor, Humidifier & Crib Light Bundle

Maxi Cosi Monitor, Humidifier & Crib Light Bundle - What's included? Maxi-Cosi Connected Home See Baby Monitor - White With the Maxi-Cosi See Baby Monitor connected to their phone, parents will have peace of mind that their baby is always safe & sleeping comfortably. They can keep a close eye on little one at any time with day and night vision, and never miss a moment or a smile with HD live streaming, remote-controlled pan, tilt and zoom. Safe & secure, streaming data is fully encrypted so family moments remain private. Parents can relax knowing they'll be notified of any movement, sound, temperature or humidity changes via the app. Product Features: Optional sound & movement notifications Monitors head rotation left to right & up to downWorks with Amazon Alexa & Google HomeZoom in & zoom out functionDay & night vision for the best quality at all timesLive 1080p HD streaming for the best visionAdvanced and personalised routines in the Maxi-Cosi Connected Home app2-way talk allows your little one to be comforted by your voiceSafe & secure, streaming data is fully encrypted so your family moments remain privateHumidity level visible and optional notificationsRoom temperature visible and optional notificationsMotion detection with adjustable sensitivity Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Breathe Humidifier - White The Maxi-Cosi Breathe Humidifier ensures baby's nursery is always at the perfect humidity for them to have a soothing sleep. Users can switch it on from anywhere via the Connected Home app to prep the nursery before bedtime. A range of smart sensors enable the Breathe Humidifier to operate fully in Auto Mode, or if they prefer, they can adjust the humidity, mist levels and timers as they go. Breathe Humidifier can also be used as an essential oil diffuser for a scented, soothing snooze. Product Features: Auto mode which will define the best humidity level based on room temperatureWorks with Amazon Alexa & Google HomeTimer for delayed startThe large tank capacity of 3.8L allows the humidifier to run for 24h full mistSetup interactions between the different Maxi-Cosi Connected Home productsNight Mode for perfect sleep & snoozeIntegrated essential oil diffuserSafe & secure: fully encrypted dataChild lock mechanism for on-product displayHumidity level adjusted manually or in Auto ModeTemperature displayedAll settings can be adjusted manually from touch panel on product Maxi-Cosi Connected Home Glow Crib Light - White The Maxi-Cosi Glow Crib Light gives you peace of mind that your baby can continue to sleep undisturbed when you check in on them throughout the day or night. A smart motion detector turns soft lights on when you approach the crib and automatically dims when you leave the nursery; so you never have to turn the big light on and risk waking your baby. Via the Connected Home app, you can personalise settings to control distance, timers, schedules, light colour and brightness. Product Features: Personalise your Glow Crib Light settings Motion sensor turns light on as you approachLight is dimmableWorks with Amazon Alexa & Google HomeYour data is fully encrypted, making the device safe & secureChoose an endless number of colour varietySet up interaction between the different Maxi-Cosi Connected Home products