John Lewis & Partners Girls' Long Sleeved Stain Resistant Easy Care Blouse, Blue

Pack of 2 Easy Care Teflon EcoElite fabric protector High IQ Lasting White technology Core-spun thread for stronger seams Taped seams for added strength Button neck collar Long sleeves Smart, practical and comfortable, these Easy Care Button Neck Long Sleeve School Shirt make school even more fun! These shirts feature button neck collars, long sleeves and come in a handy pack of 2. Designed to withstand all demands of a busy school day, these t-shirts are made to last. Core-spun thread and taped seams combine with the easy-care Teflon EcoElite fabric protector to increase durability, while the High IQ Lasting White technology means they'll stay whiter for longer. Made from Recycled Polyester that is GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard), all our trousers, skirts, shirts and tunics are now more sustainable than ever. Easy Care with Teflon EcoElite fabric protector Our Easy Care range makes things so much easier. Designed to keep clothes looking smarter for longer, they need minimal ironing and feature Teflon EcoElite Fabric Protector. Renewably sourced, it not only repels water, oil and other stains, but makes for a longer life and quicker drying. High IQ Lasting White technology Keeps those school essentials looking newer for longer, retaining brilliant whiteness wash after wash. Better Cotton By choosing our cotton products, you're supporting our investment in Better Cotton's mission to help cotton communities survive and thrive while protecting and restoring the environment. Better Cotton Farmers are farmers who care for the environment and respect workers' rights and wellbeing. This product is sourced via a system of mass balance and therefore may not contain Better Cotton. AGECHEST SIZEWAIST SIZEINSIDE LEG MEASUREMENTSGENEROUS FIT WAIST MEASUREMENTS HEIGHT CONVERSIONS FOR DRESSES AND TUNICSCHEST CONVERSIONS FOR DRESSES AND TUNICS353.5cm / 21in51cm / 20in42.5cm / 16.5in54cm / 21.2in98cm / 38.5in53.5cm / 21in455.5cm / 21.75in52cm / 20.5in45.5cm / 18in56cm / 22in104cm / 41in55.5cm / 21.75in556cm / 22in52cm / 20.5in50cm / 19.5in58cm / 22.8in110cm / 43.25in56cm / 22in658cm / 22.75in53cm / 21in53cm / 20.75in60cm / 23.6in116cm 45.5in58cm / 22.75in760cm / 23.5in54cm / 21.25in56.5cm / 22.25in62cm / 24.4in122cm / 48in60cm / 23.5in862cm / 24.5in55cm / 21.5in60cm / 23.5in64cm / 25.1in128cm / 50.5in62cm / 24.5in965cm / 25.5in57cm / 22.5in63.5cm / 25in66cm / 25.9in134cm / 52.75in65cm / 25.5in1068cm / 26.75in59cm / 23.25in67cm / 26.25in68cm / 26.7in140cm / 55in68cm / 26.75in1173cm / 28.75in61cm / 24in70.5cm / 27.75in70cm / 27.5in146cm / 57.5in73cm / 28.75in1278cm / 30.75in63cm / 25in73cm / 28.75in72cm / 28.3in152cm / 60in78cm / 30.75in1383cm / 32.5in65cm / 25.5in75.5cm / 29.75in76cm / 29.9in158cm / 62in83cm / 32.5in1488cm / 34.5in67cm / 26.25in78cm / 30.75in82cm / 32.2in164cm / 64.5in88cm / 34.5in1593cm / 36.5in69cm / 27in78cm / 30.75in88cm / 34.6in170cm / 67in93cm / 36.5in1698cm / 38.5in71cm / 28in78cm / 30.75in94cm / 37in176cm / 69.25in98cm / 38.5in16+103cm / 40.5in75cm / 29.5in78cm / 30.75in100-112cm / 39.3-44in182cm / 71.5in103cm / 40.5in The measurements shown on the size chart are body measurements. These are average measurements for guidance to determine which size is right for you. Please note, actual measurements may vary slightly by style.