John Lewis & Partners Cashmere Rib Trim V-Neck Jumper, Black

Designed to last in look as well as quality, our luxury Cashmere sweater is softer and smoother thanks to its high-quality long fibres. Framed by a V-neck for a modern, laid back feel, we've updated it rib trims for a slightly structured finish. This sweater is knitted using a yarn spun uniquely for us and combines simple modernity with a relaxed fit that works well dressed up or down. Layer it over a shirt and pair with tailored trousers for the office, throw it on over jeans on the weekend or with a pleated midi skirt for an evening date. John Lewis & Partners introduces a new style philosophy focused on individuality, colour and versatility. Each piece is designed to work together and with your existing wardrobe. Designed in-house, the collection features contemporary clothing and accessories with strong, clean lines. Every season, our designers create distinct colour groups that include both the building blocks of every wardrobe and vibrant stand-out pieces that add a finishing touch. Empower your personal style and mix, match, tone and clash. John Lewis & Partners: it's how you wear it. Worth knowing: We've added some spare cashmere yarn for mending or to take with you to shop for matching jewellery and accessories. At John Lewis & Partners, we're committed to having the most sustainable and traceable cashmere on the market. We work closely with our suppliers in the region stretching from northern China into Mongolia, where the extremely cold climate means the goats produce some of the best cashmere in the world. Using only the longest, finest fibres, our specialist cashmere spinners use their extensive expertise to twist a finer, softer, more rounded yarn, giving a deeper colour when dyed. Read our full traceable cashmere story

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