Cybex Cloud Z i-Size Rotating Lie Flat Baby Car Seat- Soho Grey

Compatible with Base Z, Cloud Z lies flat outside your car and adjusts to keep you growing child comfy. The child seat is equipped with a Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System, which - in combination with the energy-absorbing car seat shell - significantly increases your child's safety in a side-impact collision. The Cloud Z i-Size can be changed to a lie-flat position outside of the car and features 11 easy-to-adjust headrest positions with integrated harness guides. To make it easier to get your child in and out of the car, the seat can be swivelled to the door side of the car, thanks to the innovative Base Z mechanism. The base also includes Driving Direction Control (D.D.C.), which ensures that the child seat cannot be turned to a forward-facing position. Cybex Cloud Z Safety Features Ergonomic lie-flat position for extended comfort and travel outside the car Easy one-handed 180° rotation makes loading and unloading quick and easy when used with Base Z.Compatible with the Base Z which can also be used with the Cybex Sirona Z i-Size.Driving Direction Control prevents misuse in forward facing position. Integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection absorbs impact from side-on collisions. Removable seat insert creates a near lie-flat position perfect for premature and newborn babies.Integrated XXL hood UPF50+ sun canopy offers effective sun and wind protection. We understand the importance of safety, so when it's time to choose a car seat that's just right, we've got you covered. Putting families first, we've created the ultimate car seat buying guide to help you along your journey.

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