Chicco Next2Me Forever Bedside Crib - Cool Grey

The ultimate 4 in 1 sleeptime solution that allows parents to use cosleeping as long as they wish, up to 4 years, ensuring a better sleep for parents and baby with total safety thanks to the patented system. In just one product, parents can find 3 different functionalities: a cosleeping cot for up to 4 years, a traditional cot, and a floor bed for toddlers.Product FeaturesThe height is adjustable to 11 different levels to easily adapt to any bed and can also be used in a tilting mode to help support with reflux and congestion.The feet also fold in to help it adapt to any bed.Further featuring 4 swivel wheels, the Next2Me Forever is designed to help move the crib freely whilst you are at home to help assist you further.The multifunctional crib grows along with your child, by removing the feet and the lateral barrier, toddlers can easily go in and out from their bed, stimulating their autonomy.The Patented System provides extra safety for your baby, it prevents the side barrier from remaining lowered when the cot is not fully attached to the parents' bed.