Bugaboo Giraffe Base, Pillow, Tray and Baby Set - 4 Piece Bundle

Bugaboo Giraffe Base, Pillow, Tray and Baby Set - 4 Piece Bundle - What's Included? Bugaboo Giraffe Base (Neutral Wood/White) - Product features: The chair is designed for growing children 5-in-1 seating solution with the easy to attach accessoriesSafe and sturdy Dutch design made from high quality, durable materialsAdjustable in 1 second, without toolsLoves the environment with a low eco-footprintSeat height and depth adjustable in 5 positionsFootrest adjustable in 9 positionsSturdily built but easy to move around, weighing 5 kgCompliant with all safety standards, free of Pfas and food safe Bugaboo Giraffe Baby Set (White) - Product features: Converts Giraffe into a safe and cosy high chair for your growing childIncluding a safe and quick 2-click, 5-point harnessDishwasher safe up to 65C / 149F1-click attachment to the GiraffeMade from ICSS certified biobased plastic (PP) Bugaboo Giraffe Baby Pillow Set (Arctic White) - Product features: Set consists of a pillow for the backrest and one for the seatHigh quality fabricsEasy to clean and water and stain repellentCan be used together with the harness Bugaboo Giraffe Tray (White)- Product features: Creates a private dining table Dishwasher safe up to 65C / 149F 1-click attachment to the baby set Made from ICSS certified biobased plastic (PP) About the Bugaboo Giraffe Range A 5-in-1 seating solution, adjustable in one second. The Bugaboo Giraffe is designed so your growing child always sits safely and comfortably at the table. Thanks to the chair's quick-click adjustment system and the range of easy-to-attach accessories, the chair grows with your child. The footrest provides ergonomic support whilst enabling them full freedom of movement, so your child sits comfortably and with the best posture at every age. The Giraffe offers a 5-in-1 seating solution that is made to last, making it the best seat at the table. Safe and sturdy Dutch design that's as beautiful as it is functional - up to 100kg Dutch design that combines form and function. It's the purposeful, contemporary and minimalistic Dutch design that makes the Bugaboo Giraffe stand out from the crowd and complement any interior for years to come. This chair is exquisitely crafted from luxurious, high-quality materials making it strong, safe, and a delight to look at. The combination of two different materials, offer a harmonious and streamlined design whilst the intuitive design combines safety with style. The legs are wideset at the base, providing a low, stable centre of gravity and narrowing into a pyramid shape at the top, enabling a sleek design. It's a timeless piece that will be loved in your home even after your child is grown up. Loves the environment and lasts a lifetime Utilizing carefully selected high quality sustainable materials, the Bugaboo Giraffe is designed to last a lifetime. It's built from lower-impact ISCC certified bio plastics and FSC certified European beechwood, meaning the chair keeps its impact on the environment to a minimum, preserving the planet for future generations. Use it forever. The Bugaboo Giraffe isn't a one-time, or even one-generation, chair for your child. It's made for the whole family, and it's built to last.

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