Beaba Babycook Neo Bundle - Eucalyptus

Beaba Babycook Neo Bundle - What's Included?Beaba Babycook® Neo Baby Food Steamer Blender - EucalyptusThe Babycook® Neo is the next generation food maker from Beaba, made with respect for the environment and the nutritional quality of food. It is an eco-designed product using 48% less carbon dioxide and 50% less water and energy consumption compared to the Babycook® Solo model.Thanks to its use of steam cooking and innovative materials such as the glass bowl and stainless steel basket, quality materials are used to create healthy food. The Babycook® Neo steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. It has a large capacity stainless steel basket to allow 600g of food to be prepared and incorporates an ergonomic handle to easily transfer food at the end of the cooking cycle.The high quality glass bowl does not degrade over time and preserves flavours. The high quality double level stainless steel blade ensures uniform mixing: smooth, mixed, lumps and chunks. The stainless steel tank features a wide opening for good access and easy filling with integrated measuring levels. Soft steam modulation cooking preserves the nutritional quality of food, collecting the right amount of cooking juices and limiting water consumption.Beaba Set of 2 Glass Jars - Green/MistBeaba Glass Conservation Jars are manufactured from superior quality glass. They are available in a range of colours in single, duo and triple packs. They have airtight supple lids to preserve flavour and aroma, along with a measuring scale for accurate portion sizes. They feature highly resistant glass which is resistant to both heat and thermal shock. They are also freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe, and can be used with the Babycook® Neo for defrosting and reheating food in accordance with instructions.Beaba Pasta/Rice Cooker - NeoThe Beaba Babycook Pasta/Rice Cooker is a cooking basket for rice, pasta, semolina, wheat, lentils and other starchy foods. Designed to be used with your Babycook Neo food maker, it has the ideal capacity for cooking small quantities. It fits into the Babycook bowl for fast cooking.Beaba Babycook Book - My First MealThe Babycook Book is full of simple and creative recipes to use with your Babycook® Neo. The recipes are classified by season and age, with colourful illustrations of each recipe.