Babymoov NutriSmart Breast Milk/Bottle/Food Warmer with Car Adaptor

A practical, fast-acting and versatile bottle warmer!Heating up a bottle or baby food to the right temperature in record time is always a challenge for new parents.Bottles or jars often need heating up in a bain-marie which often takes a long time, then we usually end up waiting for them to cool down again to reach the right temperature! A virtually impossible task when you're up against a hungry baby!The NutriSmart makes it quicker and less complicated to heat up your little one's food: it heats baby bottles, pouches of breast milk or baby food jars in the minimum time needed, using the most appropriate method of heating.The NutriSmart is suitable for all types of food or milk. Its 'bain-marie' function means you can defrost baby food jars or gently reheat breast milk, to a maximum temperature of 65°C. This means that all the nutritional goodness is retained. Its 'steam heating' function can be used to heat bottles and baby food jars in record time: just 80 seconds to heat 65ml of water.The pre-set programmes on the NutriSmart will automatically adjust the heating time to reach the ideal temperature for your little one: 37°C. Simply enter the quantity to be heated and its temperature before heating (room temperature, refrigerated or frozen). This means you can heat your baby's food with complete peace of mind!Ideal for any situation, the NutriSmart can be used at home as well as for out and about.It helps you gain precious sleep time with its pre-set programme (15 mins to 12 hours). This means that the milk is ready to drink at the time you choose. Its automatic "keep warm" function maintains the contents of the baby bottle or food jar at an ideal temperature of 37°C for 1 hour.This compact milk or food warmer is also easy to use in the car as it plugs into the 12v.Product FeaturesPORTABLE: you can take this baby bottle and food warmer anywhere, as it comes with two plugs for the home and car.PROGRAMMABLE: automatic or pre-set operation (15 minutes to 12 hours) to delay the start of the heating process. Ideal for night-time or for ensuring a bottle is ready first thing in the morning!MULTI-PURPOSE & UNIVERSAL: it heats water and food, keeps it warm and gently defrosts. It is suitable for all baby bottles, baby food jars or breast milk pouches (max. 8 cm diameter).Lifetime warranty included*Tested with 65 ml of water at a room temperature of 20°C

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