BabyBjÖrn® Move Mesh Carrier - Anthracite

EASY-TO-USE BABY CARRIER WITH EXCELLENT COMFORT FOR YOU & YOUR BABY Baby Carrier Move is comfy to use for longer babywearing sessions, both for you and your baby. Perfect when you want to get out and about with your baby. The built-in back support, waist belt and padded shoulder straps provide good pressure relief, and the soft, airy mesh fabric keeps you and your baby cool and comfy. The baby carrier is quick and easy to put on and take off without help. It?s adjustable head support, leg position and length mean that your baby gets the right support and sits comfortably. Excellent comfort for you and your baby The built-in back support, waist belt and padded shoulder straps help to distribute weight evenly, making longer babywearing sessions more comfy for you. You can adjust the width of the seat area, so your baby always sits comfortably, with proper support for their back, legs and hips. Easy to put on and take off Baby Carrier Move has minimal settings and a two-part design, so it?s quick and easy to put on and take off. You can adjust the baby carrier without help and keep the settings for the next time you use it. Soft and airy design The baby carrier?s airy 3D mesh fabric keeps you and your baby cool, and gives it a modern, sporty look. The fabric allows a lot of air to pass through it, dries quickly after washing, and feels soft and comfy for your baby. Carry facing in or facing out on your front Some babies prefer facing you in the baby carrier, while others are curious about the world around them. Once your baby can hold their head up unaided, you can choose between the facing-in or facing-out carrying position (min. 5 months). Easy to lift out a sleeping baby If your baby falls asleep in the baby carrier, you can easily unfasten the entire front section to lift them out. You can keep the shoulder straps on like a waistcoat and quickly refasten the front part when your baby awakes. Suitable from newborn and adapts to your growing baby Baby Carrier Move fits from newborn (min. 3.2 kg), so you don?t need an extra infant insert. As your baby grows, you can adjust the size of the head support and leg openings, plus the baby carrier?s length. You can carry your child in Baby Carrier Move up to the age of approx. 15 months (max. 12 kg), or until they start walking. Hip-friendly baby carrier The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier Move and classifies it as ?hip-healthy? when used as directed. This means that the baby carrier provides the correct support to your child?s hips and encourages good hip-joint development, which is especially important in your child?s first months. Sturdy, adjustable head and neck support Good head support is vital until your baby can hold up their head unaided. Baby Carrier Move has sturdy, adjustable head and neck support. D mesh ? a unique baby carrier fabric Baby Carrier Move is made of a high-tech 3D fabric consisting of three layers ? an inner, outer and middle layer. Instead of overly warm padding, the middle layer consists of a fine, single-fibre thread. This gives the baby carrier the stability of padding, yet ensures good airflow so it stays airy and cool when you're babywearing. Our 3D mesh is approved in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.