John Lewis & Partners Super Soft Knit Hoodie

Winter doesn't have to be a parade of knits that are either too itchy or too warm. All you really need is one that'll keep you looking and feeling at your best until Spring arrives. For us, it's this hoodie. Why? Well, if the super-soft, fine knit doesn't pique your interest, its athleisure credentials will. Oversized with rib detail throughout, you can rest safe knowing it'll make you look as good on the outside as you'll feel on the in. John Lewis & Partners introduces a new style philosophy focused on individuality, colour and versatility. Each piece is designed to work together and with your existing wardrobe. Designed in-house, the collection features contemporary clothing and accessories with strong, clean lines. Every season, our designers create distinct colour groups that include both the building blocks of every wardrobe and vibrant stand-out pieces that add a finishing touch. Empower your personal style and mix, match, tone and clash. John Lewis & Partners: it's how you wear it.