Small Essential Fibre Cot Mattress

A Good Night's Sleep, All RoundFor the first two years of their life, your baby will sleep for around 13 months. That's a lot of sleep, but it's vital for developing their cognitive skills and nervous system. So, it's fair to say that sleep is essential, especially as it gives you chance to catch up on some much-needed rest as well.A good night's sleep starts with a good quality mattress. We have a range of supportive mattresses, all tested to the highest UK standards, with a variety of cores and helpful properties that ensure your baby sleeps well from day one. So you can too. And because purchasing a new mattress is crucial for a supportive and protective night's sleep, we'll always be here to help your growing family settle into their sleep routine. Small Essential Fibre Cot MattressOur Essential Fibre Mattress is a great first mattress for baby's cot. The hypoallergenic fibre mattress promotes better airflow to keep baby cool and comfortable. With the ability to flip and rotate the mattress, you can ensure baby is always supported. With water repellent qualities and a removable and washable cover, it's easy to keep your mattress clean and protected from little accidents.Product FeaturesHypoallergenic cover protects baby from allergensRemovable & washable cover for easy cleaningRotate the mattress for greater longevityMade in the UK