Detox from fast fashion: with these 10 easy tips you can make your wardrobe more sustainable

December 12, 2021 2 min read

Okay, we all want to be more sustainable with our wardrobe, but yes, new clothes are just so much fun... With these 10 handy – and especially easy – tips you can work towards a sustainable wardrobe in no time. Are you in?

Know yourself

What do you wear, what don't you wear? A trick: hang all your clothes on hangers with the hook facing the same way. When you have worn something, hang it back with the hook the other way around. At the end of the month you can see at a glance what you have not worn.

Good basic

Build your sustainable closet slowly. Make simple agreements with yourself, such as: this season you can buy a limited number of trend items, or: stop buying fast fashion outerwear. After a while you can make new appointments again.

Go for vintage

Vintage shopping can be a challenge. But if you find a pearl, you are much happier than with the umpteenth item from a large fashion chain. Think in advance what you would like. Targeted shopping is key! And isn't it there? Better luck next time.

Written on your body

Designer Mick Keus makes vintage Levi's completely to your figure. You will not find a better fit! But your local tailor can also make your items fit better. This way you also support your locals .

Cheap = expensive

Fast fashion is simply not made to last for years. Really nice quality lasts much longer. Plus, because you may have had to save up for it for a while, you will also be more careful with it yourself.


Mute influencers who tempt you into fast fashion purchases and be inspired by influencers with a sustainable lifestyle

paint bath

Breathe new life into faded clothes by dyeing them with natural fabric dye. Your favourite items are as good as new and will last a long time.

clothing swap

Organise a clothing exchange. Each take a bag of clothes that you no longer wear. This way everyone will soon have a few nice 'new' items.

Renting is the new buying

Fashion rental companies are popping up like mushrooms. At Lichty you will find the most beautiful dresses for an evening, at MUD Jeans you can borrow jeans and My Dressoir has something for every occasion.

Trash & treasures

Don't throw away your 'old' clothes! There are plenty of cool initiatives that make others very happy with your ex-items. Think of the Clothing Bank or Dress for Success. Or sell them yourself via Designer-Vintage, Vinted, Vestiaire Collective